Reviewers Matt and Al get their weekly assignment; to rank their Top Ten most anticipated games
set to be released… eventually. Can they contain their excitement for these longed for games, or will
they devolve into screaming fits like kids on Christmas morning?

“I’m ready to play this game now! I can’t wait until Winter! Please help me!”

– Al, Top Ten
Unafraid to dip deep into the vault, Al reviews anime shows in a series of videos that excite fans,
and enrage diehards. Not afraid to call out shows for their failings as well as lauding them for their
successes, Al’s Anime Reviews has earned the ever precious title of “genuine” from audiences.

“You’re the reason I started watching anime almost 6 years ago; I found you and
watched all your reviews and I thought that they where some of the funniest
videos I’ve ever seen! After that, I really got into anime – you’re the only reason I
became a weaboo in the first place, so take responsibility and start reviewing

– 8-bit Nostalgia Trip